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Lash Clock
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More about Lash Clock

In between a meditation device and a clock, Lash Clock offers a new experience in the perception of time.
It ignores the stressful codes we are used to when facing the passing of time. Numbers, clock hands and ticking sounds disappear, allowing us to contemplate time instead of enduring it.
At first sight, Lash Clock appears like an indefinite and static object. But if you take a closer look, you can perceive a slight movement.
By focusing a little more, you realize that fibers straighten up by slowly moving away one from the other.
Gently brushing time, Lash Clock also fills the practical everyday clock function of reading time. Minutes can be read thanks to the gap created by a fiber that straightens up every second. Hours are marked by a slightly wider gap.
More than reminding us about the time that has passed, Lash Clock invites us to lose ourselves in time itself.


Lash Clock est une horloge qui caresse le temps avec douceur.
Elle nous invite à une nouvelle expérience de la perception du temps. Chiffres et aiguilles disparaissent pour mieux contempler le temps.
Les fibres se redressent une à une, créant un vide qui se déplace dans un mouvement circulaire pour indiquer l’heure.
Plus que de nous rappeler le temps qui passe, Lash Clock nous invite à se perdre dans le temps.