Fur-Light is an interactive light fixture in tactile fur created through the association of ancestral know-how and the latest technological innovations.
Its sensitive fur, grafted with invisible sensors, reacts to the user's caresses to turn on the light and adjust it as desired.
Fur-Light brings us a new sensory experience: From a circle of fur, light surrounds us gently, guided by a simple gesture, as intuitive as innovative.

Fur-Light is part of a reflection about the future of objects from the crafts rooted in fur and leather. The approach aspires to respond to the growth of new technologies by associating them with traditional crafts.

Through a soft touch, the union of artistic craftsmanship and tactile interaction reveals an innovative material capable of receiving and transmitting information: "intelligent" fur.

Fur-Light is the first in a series of projects in tactile fur.

Photos: Bina Baitel Studio
Reference image: Kovi Konowiecki

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