In the same vein as her Skins collection, Tarah * reinterprets an everyday object both in its format and through its production process. Indeed, if in fact hybridization, here present between two typologies, is one of the primary formal characteristics of many of Bina Baitel’s pieces, the production process does not escape her interest for French handcrafted savoir-faire.

The concept of Tarah is inspired by Oriental lifestyle, in which mattresses are rolled out on the floor in order to share moments of pleasure, friendship and exchange. A quilted surface that can be rolled up and buckled on itself, like a sort of horse saddle rug, reaches up and over a small piece of wrought iron furniture embellished with gold leaf.

If the gold-leaf table itself looks a bit like the golden calf, it in fact rejects this idea and keeps only the element of ritual. To this end, the padded surface rolls out onto the floor, thereby becoming a living space with its own little piece of furniture as a side table.

  • Tarah refers to the verb "Tarah" in Arabic, which means “to throw down” and is derived from “matrah” which became the French word for “mattress”.

Photos: Bina Baitel Studio
Reference image: Louis Le Breton

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