Designerbox / Du Côté de Chez Vous / Leroy Merlin

Designed by Bina Baitel for Leroy Merlin in association with Designerbox and Du Côté de Chez Vous, the Elo portable lamp plays with appearances by bottling up the light and abolishing the boundaries between inside and outside.

Conceived with a visible and obvious simplicity, the touch sensitive Elo lamp holds multiple functionalities and offers a range of usage scenarios.
The light intensity is modulated by a simple touch of a finger, a discreet technology that enhances a practical and instinctive use.

Inspired by the universe of tableware, Elo borrows the delicacy of its shapes to the bottle, a major element in the art of entertaining, is convivial or intimate, warmly set to the rhythm of contemporary homes.
Nomadic and independent, the lamp is designed to move around. It invites the user to use it as a hanging light on a balcony or on a branch to benefit from direct and efficient lighting, or as a torch by grabbing the cap of the bottle to project the light in front of you.

A witness lamp of our time, Elo celebrates the nomadic nature of modern life and the wish to gather among peers.

Photos: Marie Amélie Tondu
Reference Image: Henry Robert Morland

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