Maison & Objet Sept. 2022


On the occasion of Maison & Objet 2022, Bina Baitel is invited to present her own collection of furniture and self-published objects.
The designer will present through this carte blanche a new collection composed of a sofa, armchairs, as well as glass ottomans and tables.
The sofa and armchairs were created for the main living room of the Château du Tremblay in Normandy, a space entirely devoted to art and good living by the Christophe Gaillard Gallery.

At the border of the organic and the monolithic, the armchairs are presented as two minerals sculpted in the mass.
Falsely identical, each armchair presents its own character underlined by the drawing of a silhouette with free contours. The chairs seem to dialogue with each other in an expressive and spontaneous asymmetry.
The dimensions are deliberately spectacular and encompassing, offering ergonomic and sculptural comfort.

The sofa seems to have been sculpted by nature in the manner of pebbles formed by the friction of sand and the movement of water.
Reinforced by the mineral aspect of the fabric that covers it, the sofa presents a primitive and elementary expression of a natural seat placed in a landscape or found in a walk by the sea.
Its curved and abstract forms offer the user a multitude of sitting or lying positions inviting him to appropriate them, making him an actor of his own environment.

The Ottoman SUBLIME highlights the double reading offered by its name. The word sublime, from the Latin: sublimis, "which rises" or "which stands in the air", refers here both to the impression of levitation of the cushion enhanced by the transparency of the glass, and to the idea of the sublime in the sense of what transcends reality to become an object of wonder.
The soft cushion seems to be suspended in a fluted glass case, which produces games of reflections and refracts the light in the space.
Glass, which is never used for such objects, is curved and assembled by invisible UV bonding. This exceptional piece seems to defy the laws of gravity thanks to an extraordinary technical feat developed in the Glassvariations workshops.

Created in collaboration with Glassvariations, the Helia collection consists of a console, a lamp and small tables of different sizes. Each piece in the collection is made up of two transparent fluted glass half-columns covered with a colored or frosted glass tablecloth.
Each element plays in its own way with the notion of superimposition by varying textures, colors and transparency.
In a graphic and sculptural expression, the formal design shapes the light as if it were a material in its own right.

Bina Baitel invites you to discover her new creations at Maison&Objet, TALENTS SO FRENCH, Hall 7 Stand C81, Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte from September 8 to 12, 2022